We are currently working with partners in the Assisted Living, Home HealthPharmaceutical, Brain TrainingSenior Center and Physician segments, to help ensure all seniors have access to this breakthrough early warning screen for AD.

Become a Reseller

If you work with seniors in these, or any other capacity and would like more information about how you can provide the COGselftest to your market, please contact us.  We work with select senior-oriented companies to provide the COGselftest to clients, providing a high touch, hands-on approach, in our ongoing effort to screen and treat early. Here is what we provide to you as a Reseller:

  1. Detailed information and training for you and your staff on test administration
  2. Background and training on results interpretation
  3. Intervention checklist – a list of exercises and diet and nutritional tips specific to each cognitive domain function. Use this checklist to create a follow up plan for your clients, based on their individual test scores
  4. Technical support and assistance throughout the process

Please join us in our goal to empower seniors to take control of their brain health, screen their brains regularly and take a proactive approach to maintaining healthy cognition for all their years!