CareFlash empowers people to create free, private online communities to enable others to rally around and be a part of the experience.

When anyone creates a CareFlash community and specifies the circumstance at hand, 3-D animations pertinent to that particular condition automatically and dynamically load into each community to benefit members.  Where people sincerely want quickly to know what’s going on with their loved one, our animations, of which there are thousands, explain illnesses, treatments and anatomy at a cellular level and are narrated in English, Spanish and other languages.  Beyond being conveyed in a plainly-spoken way where everyone can understand, they are produced with world class 3-D quality.

One of the most stressful and frustrating things communities deal with during such circumstances involves the process of requesting and organizing help from among family and friends.  Typically, the next-door neighbors handle 99% of tasks and errands.  The CareFlash iHelp calendar provides a powerful way for people to engage help from within their entire personal community involving assistance, meals, errands and the like.  When requests are posted, emails are automatically sent to the invited community in a way where no one gets put on-the-spot, eliminating the redundancy so common in such circumstances.  Each community also features a secure blog for updates, prayers and well wishes, providing caretakers the flexibility to avoid the stressful and exhausting process of repeating and re-repeating updates and explanations hours each day.

The bottom line?  CareFlash provides caretakers a private framework to get things done when they need to be done, flexibility when they need to focus on their own sanity, and priority when all their well-meaning loved ones are wanting to be engaged and involved… allowing them to focus on the most important person – the patient.  Watch this video for an overview of what this represents to you and your family and friends.